Verso Limited Editions

Out of Reverence for Great Photography

Verso Limited Editions draws on the traditional handcrafted book form to celebrate the work of significant artists.

Verso Limited Editions are designed for individual private photography collectors and institutions. Verso Limited editions are part of the collections of the Henri Cartier-Bresson Museum, The J. Paul Getty Museum, Smithsonian National Museum of American History, Library of Congress, Chrysler Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College in Chicago, The Center for Creative Photography as well as many other museum and university collections.

Only the finest materials and processes are employed in the creation of extraordinary books that reflect the accelerating value of fine art photography. The images in each Verso collection are hand-printed in platinum on fine watercolor paper. Platinum prints are unsurpassed for their rich tonal detail and lasting archival quality. Historically many great photographers have printed in platinum, including Alfred Stieglitz, Paul Strand, Edward Weston, Edward S. Curtis, Irving Penn and Manuel Alvarez Bravo. The printer utilizes a negative that is the size of the final image. A light-sensitive platinum solution is brushed on by hand and exposed to ultraviolet light. The platinum emulsion soaks into and becomes part of the paper itself, creating a sumptuous, completely matte surface. These images will retain their beauty over many generations.

Verso Limited Editions are distinguished by an attention to detail that honors images of such quality and permanence. All type is composed in metal by a master typesetter and letterpressed on 100% cotton rag paper. Each book is painstakingly bound by hand, using a variety of specially selected materials from around the world. The result is an enduring work of art to be passed down for the future.

Verso Limited Editions is an imprint of Serbin Communications, Inc., Santa Barbara, California (established in 1977). Verso publishes no more than one title per year. Each collection is crafted in limited numbers of fifty to one-hundred copies.


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